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My Sweet Mobster is a South Korean romantic comedy drama that follows the story of Seo Ji-Hwan, a reformed gangster turned CEO. Ji-Hwan is dedicated to helping ex-convicts find a better path by offering them jobs at his company.

His life takes an unexpected turn when he encounters Go Eun-Ha, a beloved children’s content creator known as “Mini Sister” on YouTube. Eun-Ha has fond childhood memories of a boy who always played with her, unaware that this boy is actually Ji-Hwan. As their paths collide, a heartwarming and comedic romance blossoms between the unlikely pair.

NameMy Sweet Mobster
Release DateJune 12, 2024
Director(s)Kim Young-Hwan, Kim Woo-Hyeon
No. of Episodes16

Um Tae-Goo as Seo Ji-Hwan: A former gangster with a gentle heart. Ji-Hwan runs a company that employs ex-convicts and strives to dismantle criminal organizations.

Han Sun-Hwa as Go Eun-Ha: A bubbly YouTuber known as “Mini Sister” who creates heartwarming content for children. Eun-Ha carries cherished memories of her childhood playmate.

Kwon Yool as Jang Hyeon-Woo: A prosecutor with a soft spot for Eun-Ha. Hyeon-Woo finds himself competing for Eun-Ha’s affections.

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