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Jooshin High School is the epitome of prestige in South Korea. Founded by the powerful Jooshin Group, it enrolls only students chosen from birth – children of the country’s elite. This exclusive world revolves around a strict hierarchy, with the top 0.01% holding absolute power

But their dominance is challenged by the arrival of Kang Ha, a mysterious transfer student with a hidden agenda. Kang Ha’s presence throws the school into chaos, exposing secrets and forcing the privileged students to confront the reality beneath their glamorous facade.

Release DateJune 7, 2024
DirectorBae Hyun-Jin
No. of Episodes7

Roh Jeong-Eui as Jung Jae-Yi: The daughter of a wealthy family and a student who thrives within the established hierarchy.

Lee Chae-Min as Kang Ha: The enigmatic transfer student who disrupts the school’s social order with his secrets.

Kim Jae-Won as Kim Ri-An: The heir to the Jooshin Group and a central figure in the student power structure.

Ji Hye-Won as Yoon He-Ra: The daughter of a powerful trading company, used to getting her way.

Lee Won-Jung as Lee Woo-Jin: The son of a prominent politician, struggling to prove himself.

Hierarchy has been compared to Kdramas like “Elite” and “The Heirs” for its focus on the lives of privileged teenagers in a high-pressure environment.

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