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Jang Jae-kyeong, an ace detective in the drug squad, faces a double whammy. He’s forcibly addicted to drugs while undercover, and a former classmate is murdered, leaving behind a suspicious 5 billion won insurance payout.

As Jae-kyeong grapples with his addiction, he delves into the investigation, questioning his past friendships and uncovering dark secrets that threaten to shatter everything he thought he knew.

Release DateMay 24, 2024
ChannelSBS TV
DirectorKim Moon-gyo
No. of Episodes16

Ji Sung as Jang Jae-kyeong: A brilliant detective battling a new drug addiction and a complex case.

Jeon Mi-do as Shin Yeon-hwa: A tenacious reporter investigating Jae-kyeong’s past and the classmate’s death.

Kwon Yul as Oh Jin-seok: A high-ranking police officer with a hidden agenda and a connection to the case.

Kim Kyung-nam as Park Min-seo: Jae-kyeong’s former teammate and a suspect in the classmate’s murder.

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