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Shin Jae-Rim is a determined young woman thrust into a difficult situation after her father’s passing. To support herself and her stepmother and step-sisters, she lands a job at a luxurious social club, a world far removed from her own.

There, she encounters Moon Cha-Min, the arrogant and aloof heir to a wealthy family. Jae-Rim, inspired by classic fairy tales, sets her sights on Cha-Min as her potential prince charming. However, their encounters are far from charming, filled with hilarious clashes and misunderstandings.

As Jae-Rim navigates the high-society world and her growing feelings for Cha-Min, she discovers that true love and happiness come in unexpected forms.

NameDreaming of a Freaking Fairytale
Release DateMay 31, 2024
ChannelTVING, Paramount+
DirectorKim Min-kyung
No. of Episodes10

Pyo Ye-jin as Shin Jae-Rim: A determined and optimistic woman who believes in fairy tales. Despite her difficult circumstances, she maintains a positive outlook and strong work ethic.

Lee Jun-young as Moon Cha-Min: An arrogant and aloof heir who hides a hidden vulnerability. He’s initially dismissive of Jae-Rim but finds himself drawn to her sincerity.

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