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Lee Mi-Jin, a woman in her 20s struggling to find a job, wakes up one day to find herself in the body of a woman in her 50s! This bizarre transformation happens every day at sunrise, with Mi-Jin returning to her younger self at night.

Seeing an opportunity, she uses her 50-year-old persona, Im Soon, to land an internship at the Seohan District Public Prosecutor’s Office. As Im Soon, she utilizes her life experiences to excel, while navigating the complexities of office life.

Meanwhile, her younger self, Lee Mi-Jin, enjoys a more carefree life. However, things get complicated when she becomes entangled with Gye Ji-Woong, a skilled prosecutor at the office.

NameMiss Night and Day
Release DateJune 15, 2024
Director(s)Lee Hyeong-Min, Choi Sun-Min
WriterPark Ji-Ha
No. of Episodes16

Lee Jung-Eun (as Lee Mi-Jin/Im Soon): A determined woman in her 20s who uses her dual identity to land a job and navigate life’s challenges.

Jung Eun-ji (as Lee Mi-Jin): The younger version of Lee Mi-Jin who enjoys a more carefree life.

Choi Jin-hyuk (as Gye Ji-Woong): A skilled and dedicated prosecutor who becomes entangled with Lee Mi-Jin.

Miss Night and Day will stream from June 15 on Loklok

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