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Oh Wansoo, a former world-class golfer, lives a seemingly perfect life as the wife of Kim Yong-gu, the heir to the powerful Hwain Group. However, their world is shattered when Wansoo narrowly escapes a suspicious assassination attempt.

Assigned a new bodyguard, the skilled Seo Do-yoon, Wansoo begins to uncover a web of secrets hidden within the Hwain family. As Do-yoon’s hidden motives come to light, Wansoo must navigate a dangerous game of power, revenge, and newfound love.

NameRed Swan
Release DateJuly 3, 2024
DirectorPark Hong Kyun
No. of Episodes10

Kim Ha-Neul as Oh Wansoo: A strong-willed woman who rose from poverty to become a golf champion. Now, trapped in a loveless marriage, she finds herself entangled in the Hwain family’s dark secrets.

Rain as Seo Do-yoon: Wansoo’s mysterious bodyguard with exceptional skills. He harbors a hidden agenda that puts him at odds with the Hwain family.

Jung Gyu-Woon as Kim Yong-gu: Wansoo’s unfaithful husband and heir to the Hwain Group.

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