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Im Sol, a devoted fan, is devastated by the sudden death of top star Ryoo Seon-jae. In a bizarre twist of fate, she finds herself transported back in time to their high school days. Determined to save Seon-jae from his tragic future, Sol enters his life and tries to alter his path. This unexpected turn of events sparks a heartwarming fantasy romance where past and present collide.

NameLovely Runner
Release DateApril 8, 2024
DirectorKim Tae-Yeob, Yoon Jong-Ho
No. of Episodes16

Byeon Woo-seok as Ryoo Seon-jae: A popular yet troubled idol star. Seon-jae hides a dark secret and struggles with the pressures of fame.

Kim Hye-yoon as Im Sol: Seon-jae’s biggest fan. Sol travels back in time and becomes determined to protect him from harm.

Supporting Cast: Lee Soo-hyuk (potential love triangle), Jung Yoo-jin (Seon-jae’s best friend), Kim Mi-sook (Sol’s supportive grandmother)

Lovely Runner is based on a web novel titled “Tomorrow’s Best,” which was also adapted into a webtoon. The drama was originally planned for release in late 2023 but was pushed back to April 2024 due to scheduling changes.

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