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Dare to Love Me is a charming opposites-attract rom-com. Shin Yoon-bok, a man raised with strong Confucian values in a traditional village, longs to be a webtoon writer. He escapes the confines of his community and encounters Kim Hong-do, a talented but undervalued art teacher.

Despite their vastly different backgrounds, a connection sparks between them. As they navigate their contrasting worlds, they inspire each other to chase their dreams and discover love along the way.

NameDare to Love Me
Release DateMay 13, 2024
DirectorJang Yang-ho
No. of Episodes16

Kim Myung-soo as Shin Yoon-bok: A gentle and principled young man raised on Confucian ideals. He aspires to become a webtoon writer but struggles to break free from his traditional upbringing.

Lee Yoo-young as Kim Hong-do: A passionate but undervalued art teacher. Despite facing mistreatment at work, she maintains a positive attitude and never gives up on her dreams.

Dare to Love Me is based on the popular Naver webtoon “Treat Me Carelessly” by Sun Woo. The drama marks the first collaboration between actors Kim Myung-soo and Lee Yoo-young.

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