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Shin Cha-Il, a jaded and sharp audit team leader, arrives at JU Construction, a company rife with corruption. There, he clashes with Goo Han-Soo, a kind-hearted rookie auditor with dreams beyond the audit team.

Together, they uncover a web of financial misdeeds reaching the highest levels of the company. As they face pressure and threats, they learn to trust each other and fight for justice.

NameThe Auditors
Release DateJuly 6, 2024
DirectorKwon Young Il
No. of Episodes12

Shin Cha-Il (Shin Ha-Kyun): A cold and calculating audit team leader who possesses a keen eye for financial irregularities. He’s lost faith in people but fiercely dedicated to his work.

Goo Han-Soo (Lee Jung-Ha): A warm and optimistic rookie auditor who initially uses the team as a stepping stone. Working with Cha-Il changes his perspective, and he grows as an auditor.

Hwang Dae-Woong (Jin Goo): The ambitious vice president of JU Construction and the third son of the founder. He schemes and manipulates to become the next president.

Yoon Seo-Jin (Jo A-Ram): Another rookie auditor on the team. Individualistic and competitive, she prioritizes success above all else.

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